What's it all about?

At the end of September 2012 I completed a cycle from Portsmouth 2 Penzance a total of 273 miles! raising money for Children In Need is the Plan. This was also be a personal challenge for me as I haven't been cycling in over 25 years and that was only for fun nothing serious. On top of that have a prolapsed disc, was 46 years old and at the start of 2012 a bit over weight, well lot over weight really, since then I've lost nearly 3 stone! So I opted to do the big one, John O'Groats 2 Lands End on May 6th 2013. The End 2 End or P2P (point to point, as it's sometimes called ) around 1000 miles! This time I had company, Colin, a friend from work, who has said he is as mad as I am and would like to come! This blog contains that story....This event is in memory of the sad passing of my mum on 17th of April this year having lost her fight with terminal Bowel Cancer.

I guess you'd call it the sequel, I have decided it would be just rude not to go back the other way!!! so May 2015, with a new friend, Pete and with Dave driving a support vehicle ( luxury) we plan the classic Lands End to John O'Groats, also known as LEJOG
. Mad ? yes I think we must be.

Me, Colin, Pete and Dave ( Team Jogle4bc )

Me, Colin, Pete and Dave ( Team Jogle4bc )

Blind panic......

Oh My Gosh ( no God so I don't offend and the shortened version OMG just wasn't enough)

Had email this morning from Flybe, please contact us your flight details have changed.
After 3 attempts to get through and on the last call 45mins of waiting I got through to be told
 " Ah Mr Christie, instead of flying at 07:00 the flight is now at 12:45..."  phew I asked "and what time does it get into Wick?" reply " oh, it's doesn't go there it stops at Edinburgh!"  What!!!!!!!!
They then add they might be able to put us up overnight and we can wait for the flight the following day to connect us from Edinburgh to Wick or change and fly us up the day after. 
I explained, in the calmest voice I can muster ( not very calm) "the day after will be no good as we start cycling that day ( explain the whole thing to her in a ranting gable of words, luckily she wasn't offended) "What about flying us up on Sunday 5th May?", " Yes sir we can do that, it's a more expensive flight but we can swap for the flight you already have booked for it for free " too blinking right  you can! ( luckily I was able to say that only in my head!) 
So now need to see if we can get an extra night at the first hotel. Not ideal but disaster avoided..... well for now anyway

New details