What's it all about?

At the end of September 2012 I completed a cycle from Portsmouth 2 Penzance a total of 273 miles! raising money for Children In Need is the Plan. This was also be a personal challenge for me as I haven't been cycling in over 25 years and that was only for fun nothing serious. On top of that have a prolapsed disc, was 46 years old and at the start of 2012 a bit over weight, well lot over weight really, since then I've lost nearly 3 stone! So I opted to do the big one, John O'Groats 2 Lands End on May 6th 2013. The End 2 End or P2P (point to point, as it's sometimes called ) around 1000 miles! This time I had company, Colin, a friend from work, who has said he is as mad as I am and would like to come! This blog contains that story....This event is in memory of the sad passing of my mum on 17th of April this year having lost her fight with terminal Bowel Cancer.

I guess you'd call it the sequel, I have decided it would be just rude not to go back the other way!!! so May 2015, with a new friend, Pete and with Dave driving a support vehicle ( luxury) we plan the classic Lands End to John O'Groats, also known as LEJOG
. Mad ? yes I think we must be.

Me, Colin, Pete and Dave ( Team Jogle4bc )

Me, Colin, Pete and Dave ( Team Jogle4bc )

Recovery and Repair

The ice and pain killers clearly helped a lot, the following day the knee was sore but much less swollen and working good enough. Probably should have rested it some more but wont have that luxury if it happens on the ride, so why now? Anyways Liz was able to get the spares I needed to fix the bike, gear hanger, chain , pulley/jockey wheels. The rear mech is a bit twisted but changing gear still ok, so will leave that for now and the rear wheel has a slight buckle which I aim to sort before the ride. Managed to get out for a ride with Colin and knee held up pretty good, so quite happy. Colin was suffering a bit with a tight chest, due to a bit of a cold but was able to complete the ride, although I think it took it out of him a bit. Like I said though, on the ride i'm sure both of us will have good and bad days, so good to know we were both able to slug it out and finish, even if not at any great pace. Like I keep saying it's not a race we just have to finish each day. Had some great news today, "Pompeys Pummellers", professional sports masseuses, are going to look after us between now and the ride. They offer a very professional service and will get our bodies as ready as they can be for the ride. We're extremely grateful to them for their off of help and once a week we will be, well pummelled I guess! Links to the website are on the blog, give them a call and see what they can do for you. bye for now Nic


Crash on route to work, snapped gear hanger, shredded pulley wheel, twisted chain and slight buckled rear wheel! Oh and the small matter of a twisted knee and back also not able making it to work. Rescued by my dear wife who is keeping the pain killers up, hot bath and has me lying down with raised leg with ice pack on the knee. Also she has gone out and got some spares for the bike, will see if I can repair it later as knee and back feeling a bit better now or the pain killers are fooling me! Feeling a bit battered and bruised but hope will be fit to cycle tomorrow if I keep up with ice and pain killers? More worried about the bike!

Training ride planed for the 8th of April

Endomondo Event: has joined the event 'IOW Randonee' on Endomondo. Check it out on: http://www.endomondo.com/event/9171671

In theory you should be able to log onto the above on the day of the ride and then follow us live on the map to see where we are at any given time. I would be grateful if someone could do this to see if it works and will then post links to each day of the JOGLE ride.


BBC Radio Solent

On Friday Mum and I are doing a pre- record interview with Radio Solent. Not sure what date this will go out but expect it to be in April as this is national Bowel cancer month. So this will be good publicity for the ride but more importantly it will raise awareness of the disease and the importance of doing the screening. If you are reading this and have any concerns. check out the Bowel cancer website and/or seek advice from your GP. X http://www.beatingbowelcancer.org/understanding-bowel-cancer

Thank you SealSkinz

If you've been following my blog, facebook and twitter you will know that I have been able to get a little help here and there from a few companies you have been as generous as they can be. I have to say though i've been blown away with SealSkinz kind offer. They have been extremely generous and will supply wind proof beanie hat, top quality gloves and their well renowned waterproof socks and thats for each of us. As you know Colin and I are having to fund everything ourselves so help like this is a really big deal. I will be giving a full report on how they go during the ride, so watch this space.

Come on you lot...

Right you lot.....that sounds a bit harsh doesn't it, sorry about that but with less than 2 months till the big ride I need to try and get you to sponsor us please. How about a bit of fun into the bargain. I currently weigh 14 stone 8 lb in lycra, and cycle shoes (sorry if that's just put you off your dinner) How about, for a minimum donation of £5. Online (below link), you guess my finishing weight in stone and lb's? You can put your guess in the comments part of the sponsorship and the winner gets , let's say £10. from me. Obviously if you wish to sponsor more that would be fabulous. Come on have a go.


In the event of a tie, first one who guessed that weight wins. Colin, you up for this? Let me know your lucra weight...God that sounds so wrong.

60 wet wet miles....

Set off in the rain today and it didn't let up all the way round! My wet weather gear lasted about 2 hrs before they started letting stuff through, mind you on some of the roads it was more like cycling in a river! Then with about 27 miles left to do there was a loud twang from the rear. I pulled up smartish to discover I'd lost a spoke. Well it had snapped and was now fouling the gears. On top of that the wheel was obviously buckled and I had disconnect the rear brake to continue.I had to wrap the broken spoke around a nearby one to stop it rattling about and catching gears etc and then limped the last 27miles home! The wet descents were bad enough with both brakes working, now they were terrifying with only the front one! It was not my touring wheels I had on at the time, I had changed over to the original wheels a few days ago when we had Spring!( well I least i thought it was, 2 day of warmish weather seems to count as a season these days) and forgot this morning to swap them back. Still I made it back safely and in not to bad a time, they say every cloud has a silver linning.... would me nice to be cycling without any clouds for a change, whether silver lined or not.

Final routes.. promise!

Pre Day 1( 34.2 miles)Taking in Dunnet head ( Most Northerly on Mainland )John O'Groats and Duncansby Head ( most North Easterly point on Mainland) then back to hotel. We have this extra day due to Flight being changed to day before it was supposed to be ! Day 1 Dunnet 2 Bora (66.3 miles) Day 2 Bora 2 Fort Augustus (89.0 miles) Day 3 Fort Augustus 2 Crianlarich ( 81.5 miles) Day 4 Crianlarich 2 Irvine (81.1 miles ) Day 5 Irvine 2 Carlisle (100.3 miles) Day 6 Carlisle 2 Blackburn ( 97.0 miles) Day 7 Blackburn 2 Alsager ( 65.1 miles) Day 8 Alsager 2 Tewkesbury ( 90.1 miles) Day 9 Twekesbury 2 Cheddar ( 75 miles) Day 10 Cheddar 2 Great Torrington ( 80.1 miles ) Day 10 Great Torrington 2 Mawnan Smith (87.4 miles ) Final day Mawnan 2 Lands End Via Lizard Point ( Most Southerly point of mainland ( 52.8 miles ) For the eagle eyed amongst you adding up the mileage for these days totals 999.9 miles! i'm sure we'll find the little bit extra to take it over the 1000 mark!... what am I saying... I need to go and lay down just thinking about it is making me feel tired


After the 60 mile ride the other day I had a bit of a problem, well to be honest it started on the ride. I've alway had cold feet and did in fact get a bit of frostnip when i'd been out in the garden in wells a few years back so i'm not surprised to be suffering again. What is it? It's stage one of frostbite and it's bloody pain full so god knows what full frostbite is like!

First degree

This is called frostnip and only affects the surface of the skin, which is frozen. On the onset, there is itching and pain, and then the skin develops white, red, and yellow patches and becomes numb. The area affected by frostnip usually does not become permanently damaged as only the skin's top layers are affected. Long-term insensitivity to both heat and cold can sometimes happen after suffering from frost nip.

I had done as much as I could to avoid it thermal socks overshoes etc but no good.
Looks like I might see if I can get some heated insoles? Bet that will cost! Currently hobbling about but the only saving grace is that in May it shouldn't be a problem, should it?