What's it all about?

At the end of September 2012 I completed a cycle from Portsmouth 2 Penzance a total of 273 miles! raising money for Children In Need is the Plan. This was also be a personal challenge for me as I haven't been cycling in over 25 years and that was only for fun nothing serious. On top of that have a prolapsed disc, was 46 years old and at the start of 2012 a bit over weight, well lot over weight really, since then I've lost nearly 3 stone! So I opted to do the big one, John O'Groats 2 Lands End on May 6th 2013. The End 2 End or P2P (point to point, as it's sometimes called ) around 1000 miles! This time I had company, Colin, a friend from work, who has said he is as mad as I am and would like to come! This blog contains that story....This event is in memory of the sad passing of my mum on 17th of April this year having lost her fight with terminal Bowel Cancer.

I guess you'd call it the sequel, I have decided it would be just rude not to go back the other way!!! so May 2015, with a new friend, Pete and with Dave driving a support vehicle ( luxury) we plan the classic Lands End to John O'Groats, also known as LEJOG
. Mad ? yes I think we must be.

Me, Colin, Pete and Dave ( Team Jogle4bc )

Me, Colin, Pete and Dave ( Team Jogle4bc )

Website crashes and all is lost !!

This site is for the JOGLE ride that took place in 2013.
The LEJOG 2015 ride did take place we all made it and I had a great website with lots of pictures etc Sadly this site totally crashed and was unable to get it all back !!!! Needless to say I was gutted. Therefore I have started a new site www.laidbackrider.co.uk . On the plus side we raised over £5500 for bowel cancer and I managed to get a prolapsed disc in return effectively unable to cycle for the last 18months or so... Well , I have finally been out on the bike! Only 15 miles but although a struggle it felt good to be back out.... Now all I need is another challenge... 

St Malo to Nice sounds nice :-)  I am looking at planning this epic ride through France and over a small hill called Mont Ventoux !!!

Here are links to the Instagram record of the LEJOG 2015 ride and other links I could find on Facebook. The rest of the site has all the adventures of the JOGLE 2013 ride... enjoy :-)

Flying start

Well this is a pretty amazing start. Enterprise Car Hire, namely Mark Dillon have come back with a sponsorship pledge of £1500.00 yes £1500.00 totally blown away with their generosity.... no turning back now :-)

Out for a Spin

Well here we are, new start, new site. To kick start prep for the ride in May I took a 30 min Spinning class at Portsmouth TRX ( very nice people there Clive and Lou) I have to say I was knackered at the end of it just emphasizing just how much work I've got to do... I hope Clive and Lou will take me under their wing and get me fit . 

The Sequel!

Ok it's definitely starting to take shape not Lands End to John O'groats May 2015. Lots of background stuff taking place,  where to stay routes etc and of course who's coming! Also fantastic new logo supplied by Richard at digitalhope Ltd.  Can't thank him enough for his time. This will all be revealed when the new site is up and running.  So the wheels have well and truly started rolling :-) more soon

New Training Ride P3P

Instructions for the Strava segment:

From the Roundabout at top of Cosham, ride along Havant Rd, toward Drayton, up Farlington Ave, ride along top of Portsdown hill, drop down past front of QA Hospital, Southwickhill road . Turn right at the traffic lights at the bottom. down and round the roundabout and straight up the Hill ( A3 London road) to the Goerge PH. Along to top to Farlington Ave , half way down turn into Seaview and then drop down Portsdown Ave to pick up the Havant road again. Along to the roundabout past the Red Lion Cosham and this time up and past the front of QA Hospital that you passed coming down earlier. Up to the roundabout. Along top again past the George PH and then drop down The Hill (London Road A3) to the roundabout again...Job done ! I've not done it fast but it's a good work out


Yes That's right....

the title to this blog has changed.... because this time next year ( approx 18th May 2015 ) I shall attempt to cycle back the other way !!!!! further updates soon ..

The final piece and moving on

We'll it's been a while.... The few weeks rest has turned into quite a lot of months rest. The enthusiasm to get on the bike, with no longer a goal, drifted and the week's turned into months and half a stone in weight back on! No one can prepare you for the dip you take after completing such an achievement.
But now there's a plan...  next year  May 2015...the return trip Lands End 2 John O'Groats.. the sequel!! . In celebration of my first ride, I have had my very first Tattoo, the bike shape spells  JoGLE  ( of course John o"Groat Lands End 2013)  :-)