What's it all about?

At the end of September 2012 I completed a cycle from Portsmouth 2 Penzance a total of 273 miles! raising money for Children In Need is the Plan. This was also be a personal challenge for me as I haven't been cycling in over 25 years and that was only for fun nothing serious. On top of that have a prolapsed disc, was 46 years old and at the start of 2012 a bit over weight, well lot over weight really, since then I've lost nearly 3 stone! So I opted to do the big one, John O'Groats 2 Lands End on May 6th 2013. The End 2 End or P2P (point to point, as it's sometimes called ) around 1000 miles! This time I had company, Colin, a friend from work, who has said he is as mad as I am and would like to come! This blog contains that story....This event is in memory of the sad passing of my mum on 17th of April this year having lost her fight with terminal Bowel Cancer.

I guess you'd call it the sequel, I have decided it would be just rude not to go back the other way!!! so May 2015, with a new friend, Pete and with Dave driving a support vehicle ( luxury) we plan the classic Lands End to John O'Groats, also known as LEJOG
. Mad ? yes I think we must be.

Me, Colin, Pete and Dave ( Team Jogle4bc )

Me, Colin, Pete and Dave ( Team Jogle4bc )

The next step..

Well got back home Sunday and back to work on Monday! Cycled in on a nice flat road !. Had a few days off and will be now getting back on some training for the big ride in May. Thanks again for all you support and best wishes. Busy collecting the non online sponsors at the moment and will post a total when I have it. Bye for now

Well this is it...

The day has arrived, very nervous, looking forward to it though. Helmet now has a little rear view mirror attached to keep me safe and I have to keep reminding myself it's not a race ! just to take it nice a steady, Tortoise and the Hare... Tortoise and the Hare.
Well next post will be from Shaftesbury, fingers crossed.
Once again a massive thanks for all the support


Well this is it ( Other than the stuff i'll be wearing and the little tool kit under my saddle, oh and the pump and water bottles)
It weighs 6.5kg or a stone in old money.
So spare cycle shorts and top, 2x long sleeve cycle base layers, 2x short sleeve base layers, pair of shorts and t shirt for evening and long trousers and shirt, socks, waterproof, arm warmers, leg warmers, charger , phone, and leads for cycle computer to charge, earphones, lock, 2 days of gels etc ( 2 more days posted to collect from stop over) , oil and rag, spare inner tubes x 3, cream , toiletries, clothes washing liquid, recovery compression tights, cable ties, sponsor sign, heart monitor strap, cycling over shoes and my glasses.
I think thats it!!!

Garmin Connect - Portsmouth to Shaftesbury

Garmin Connect - Portsmouth to Shaftesbury

Garmin Connect - Shaftesbury to Taunton

Garmin Connect - Shaftesbury to Taunton

Garmin Connect - Taunton to Holsworthy

Garmin Connect - Taunton to Holsworthy

Garmin Connect - Holsworthy to Redruth

Garmin Connect - Holsworthy to Redruth

Garmin Connect - Redruth to Lands End

Garmin Connect - Redruth to Lands End jogle12

Day 1

Well I've arrived. Nice and sunny to start with but a little windy. All was going well until, just 10 miles into the ride, when I was attacked by a very nasty ninja squirrel! It shot out from the side of the road hit the bike, yelled something at me, put me in a wobble and then shot back into the bushes. Now I know I've lost weight but a 6ft bloke in Lycra on a bike should be visible even to a squirrel. Clearly Lycra has squirrel camouflage properties I wasn't aware of. Ok moving on as I approach the white swan PH in west end, a  group of ladies wave enthusiastically. How do they know I'm on a Charity ride I wonder to myself? Bottom of the hill is my answer. Mum and dad in the lay-by with a great big union jack with "good luck Nic" written across it. I stop for a chat and put the wet weather gear on ,black clouds appearing and even more chilly. It appears the girls were on a charity walk and mum and dad had told them about waiting for me. Well onwards and stopped off at Salisbury for a coffee and cake, riding much slower than I thought but only a couple of hours left. The last 15 miles were testing the wind was even stronger and the legs were asking "are we there yet dad?" , "no, now shut up" I replied but they kept on. Then with 3miles to go it rained. 2.3 miles I hit the hill! Now someone should have reminded me of the Hovis ad. The hill (not the cobbled one thank god) was brutal nearly 2miles, with my legs now screaming at me. But I did make it...... Just. So let's see what happens tomorrow, bye for now

Day 2

After yesterday I wasn't sure how I'd feel today, about getting back on the bike. The good news was the body appeared, on a whole to be ok. So full English under my belt I set off on the short trip to Taunton 50 miles. A good start, that hill I climbed end of yesterday, got to go down the other side, weeeee. Unfortunately forgot to start the bike computer until the bottom, so lost a couple of miles and what my top speed was. The sun was out, the wind...well the wind was still there, though not quite as bad. Now clearly someone had been out last night building some hills as I don't remember seeing them on the map! To take my mind off of the ups and downs I play a game of I-spy-road kill, sorry to any children reading. I quickly tick off a fox, badger and a deer soon to add a rat or big mouse, didn't stop to check. It was around this time I was overtaken by several tractors pulling hay. Now, I look special enough in Lycra as it is, let alone covered in hay and I soon resembled a cycling Worzel Gummidge!  I then saw  squirrel to add to the I-spy list, clearly this ninja attack didn't work out so well for him. Just a hedgehog for a full set! Part of today involved a short 2 miles or so on the A303. What the **@# was I thinking. I can only liken the event to playing a live version of 'frogger' (for those of you too young to know what that is, please ask a grown up) and the noise. Still, I was quite good at frogger and survived ok (cant play any modern computer games though) I'm sure I'm a little more deaf now. Luckily the legs weren't too bad today, although my bottom was moaning towards the end. Shortly after the start of tomorrows ride, I hit a road called 'long drag hill' can't imagine what that will be like !

Groundhog day...or day 3

As my eyes try to focus on the clock, which, once again, still has a 6 on it, I move my legs, which complain they're still asleep. Another day begins. I roll onto my back only for it to complain as well! As I get ready for the off, the sky is grey and cooler, still could be worst and be raining. As I clip my foot onto the bike my bottom speaks up, "if you think I'm sitting on that again....." Reluctantly I give in and make a few adjustments to keep it happy. All the time my legs are chipping in with "yeah you tell him", my head drops .....its Gunna be a long day.
Part 1
As I head off through a maze of estate roads, trying to weave a way back to the main road, I pootle along at a slow pace.
The name reminds me of The Flumps (sorry small children, Google it ) and I find myself singing the theme tune, da da, da da, da da dah, da da dah.......... OUT LOUD...... Still by the time I realise, my spirits are lifted and I'm half way up a long dragging hill...not so bad after all.
God was clearly having a funny five minutes when he built Devon and I suspect also Cornwall as I soon loose the wweeee downhill factor fearing what the up the other side will be like. As I go through Tiverton I have a long up hill stretch on a dual carriageway, thankfully not as bad as the A303 and with a lovely view of the Great Western Canal. Then out of town onto some quieter roads. As I turn left (up hill again) I notice a road sign, out of the corner of my eye 'Long Drag Hill'......... Oh no It wasn't the other one!......
You know in the old movies when they do that thing where they zoom the lens in and out, it was one of those moments. I could just see the top and it was steep enough it was going to hurt, as my legs kindly pointed out. I pootle on........da da, da da etc etc. Sometime later, as the road bares to the right and I'm nearing the top, my worst nightmare is realised, there's more! Only steeper and at least as far again. Singing now pointless as my legs are screaming at me much louder than I can sing!. The sign painted on the road merely taunts me, it reads...... SLOW......
Part 2
I reach the top. Which I eventually manage and I might add without getting off or stopping. But here I do stop and get off, to admire the view!
Once the view is taken, along with some deep breathing and liquid ..Moving on ...... Oooh pheasant, that must be bonus points in the I-Spy book of road kill, still know hedgehog. By now I really am in the middle of nowhere and looking for a lunch stop..... I come across a great big pub on a cross roads after miles of nothing. At last
Part 3
30 miles left to go, refreshed I set off again. I marvel to myself that I've got this far really because I'm being guided by following a little black dot along a thin line on the bike computer. You see you pre program a route on your computer at home using a proper map and load it to the cycle computer. Then if you take a wrong turn your black dot moves off the line and it bleeps at you saying, off course. You have no junctions or road names shown or anything!  At last hedgehog.... Yeah ( sorry ) book completed. I then past a pub called the Earl of Portsmouth! 3 miles later I pass by the Lymington arms...... Hang on am I still in Hampshire! Then a few more miles up another hill the computer bleeps at me, off course.......
I didn't recall a turning? I go back 50ft or so to see, well a track. The sign says footpath, it hardly is even that. Nothing I could manage on the bike, not even if it was a mountain bike! I get my hand written notes out. I quickly realise this isn't much help as it follows the route I can't now take. I get out my phone, to see where I am on Google maps..... No signal..... I know I'm only about 15miles away (because of how far I've travel) nothing for it i'll have to go straight on and look for road signs as some clever idiot didn't bring a map!
3 miles later I see an A road and a sign to Holsworthy 11 miles yeeaahhh. Lovely smooth road, can't imagine why I didn't come this way. Speed and spirits pick up again. Keeping an eye on the road signs further on another confirming 11 miles. Sometime later,11miles to Holsworthy......nooooooo. Am I just going to circle it, why is it not getting closer? At least I've confirmed I'm not still in Hampshire.
Closing in a sign 5 miles. As I turn the corner another zooming lens moment. I now recall why I hadn't picked this route! It's at this point my legs, arms, bottom and back form a union and vote the brain out of being in charge with a 'vote of no confidence'! I stop and drink the rest of my drink take an energy gel from tomorrows  supply and head on up. That was the longest day of my life but I've got here and although it may not read like it, I have a great big smile on my face. X
sorry for any typos

Day 4

04:52..... My bladder in forms me if I don't go now he'll remind me what its like to wet the bed!.......
Last night at diner I met 2 police chap from Bristol aslo MAMIL's ( middle aged men in lucra! ) they were cycling from Bristol to Falmouth, Small world. All of us were up to our rooms by  19.30. Light weights I know .
Still, rested and spurred on by lovely text messages and well wishes, oh and the promise of a roast and drinks with friends tonight, I head off. No complaint from my bottom or legs? I here you ask..... Well yes but more of a low whimpering than complaint. Other than my right knee which now appears to be squeaking! Every rotation. Yes, I to thought it was the bike but its the knee for sure. A few more beeps of horns and waves from well wishers (there has been a few over the days) although that last drivers wave looked a lot more like a hand gesture to me! Having thought my I-Spy was complete I soon spot a rabbit shortly followed by a seagull more bonus points. Now the roads have been quiet, did see anything for nearly an hour! Then bladder shouts for a stop, ok ok. Well as you probably guessed, everyone and his mother drove passed! I just waved....
That was shortly followed by a game of chicken with a pheasant, so I guess that should be a game of pheasant. Down a single track, high banked lane, it stood and stared me out. Look mate, I've been through too much , I'm coming through. I swear at that point it scraped its foot like a bull and charged me! How we missed each other i'll never know.
Hills, Yeap they were big but roast diner and drinks with friends got me through. There was one moment, when I was smuggly thinking I'd made all the hills, I turned the corner and unexpectedly saw 14% aaaggh wrong gear, nearly came to a stop but just made it. Now in a nice hot bath, with my legs singing a happy song. Just 30miles tomorrow and with company, yeah

Day 4 additional.

Don't know how I forgot to tell you this .
The downhills were back on form today , lots of wwweeeeee factor. One was nearly a miles of free wheeling, ( I deserved it ) .Once I had to start peddling again, a 'ping' and the right calf let out a yell.......cramp. Now, poor motorist must have been wetting themselves, a MAMIL, rolling around at the side of the road clutching his leg in the air. Yeap, very funny, NOT! Took 5 mins to pass....

The Final 30 miles

Waking up was really strange this morning. The house was quite and I just lay there thinking '242 miles I've cycled, that's just mad!' 30 left to go.
Tony had said he'd ride with me today to keep me company, which was great . After a bacon bap we set off on a beautiful morning. The rolling countryside just passed me by without incident, as I was too happy to worry about the hills, I just couldn't wipe the great big smile off my face.
The view into St Michael's was utterly amazing and we stopped for coffee to take it in. After this Tony had planned a little trip on a cycle path! Which turned out to be a little more off road than he recalled, all I could think is , please no punctures now. Only 10 miles left. The climb out of Penzance was a still challenge with a great big buzzard, perched watching our efforts.
With only a few miles left to go as we pootled on,I gave Tony a couple of verses of the Flumps song to keep him going. At this point I though I was going to add another item to the I-Spy book.....Tony. some lady bimbled out into the road, in her slippers and nearly took him out....
As I started to freewheel down the final straight I could see Liz, Josh and Tina waving. A tear in my eye waving like a Loony, I came to a stop. I made it. A pop of a cork and the bubbly flowing, we all laughed.
I was just like to thank everyone for all your kind words and well wishes, they really have kept me going.
Was it fun ? I hear you ask..err well no.
Was it enjoyable?...well in places, yes
Do you feel a sense of achievement?...HELL yes, with the exception of marrying Liz and having Josh , Em and Scott, without doubt this is the single most proudest moment of my life .

Pain !

It's just typical isn't it. Did my last 60miles cycle before I cycle down to Cornwall and everything is hurting! My shoulder is in a right state, hasn't been this bad for ages ( old car accident injury) had to resort to tramadol to help me sleep, my legs feel like lead and to top it all I've got a blinking tooth ache! and the last few mornings it's been freezing........ psychologically this isn't helping.

Cycling Mirror

Just awaiting a helmet mirror. Wasn't going to get one but have read some good things on how useful they are. Anything to help keep me safe has got to be a bonus

1 Week to go

Yeap looking at the date and pooping my pants ! Gunna be really hard work I think. Started getting stuff together to take and then looking at what I can leave behind to save weight!
well weather could be anything according to long term forecast, either way I guess it doesn't matter as i've got to do it whatever. Did my last 60 mile training run and legs still tired today so doing that 4 and 1/2 days on the trot should be interesting. I'm very grateful for the support from you all and your encouragement .
well next time I post is likely to be the day I leave...........